The AffloVest is the first battery-operated vest to use High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) technology, helping patients with bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, or neuromuscular disorders to receive state-of-the-art airway clearance therapy on the go.

The AffloVest has eight mechanical oscillating motors scientifically engineered to target all five lobes of the lungs, front and back, mimicking manual Chest Physiotherapy (CPT). With no bulky hoses or generators, the vest is fully mobile during use and engineered to encourage treatment adherence and compliance by allowing patients to experience an improved quality of life during airway clearance treatments.

Battery Operated

With no long hoses or loud and bulky generators, the battery-powered AffloVest is fully mobile during use.

Size Variations

The AffloVest comes in 7 different sizes from XXS to XXL, fitting children, adolescents, and adults with chest circumferences between 18 – 65+ inches.

Customized Treatments

Customize the setting and intensity of Percussion, Vibration, and Drainage to personalize your treatment.

Lightest Mobile HFCWO Vest

The AffloVest is the lightest HFCWO vest on the market, weighing in at between 5.12 – 9.35 pounds.

Why choose AffloVest?

Quiet during operation

Various sizes – Click Here for a sizing guide 

Fully mobile during use 

Increased battery life

Less material, lighter weight for a more comfortable fit 

Wider arm holes and a tapered neckline for an ergonomic fit

Multiple modes of operation

Made in America

AffloVest Size Exchange Program

Beyond inclusivity, the AffloVest is adaptable too! Make worry-free alterations with the AffloVest Size Exchange Program. This program allows patients to go up or down in vest size if a refit is needed. Rest assured that AffloVest will always offer you the best fit for targeted airway clearance therapy.

For more information on proper measurement requirements, Click the full Specification Sheet below.

Get the Information You Need About AffloVest

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