The maintenance of your CPAP equipment is vital to the success of your Sleep Apnea treatment

All items below can be washed with light liquid soap; i.e. – Dove, Ivory, Baby Soap, etc. (something gentle; avoid dish washing soaps.) Do not use alcohol-based wipes.

  • Wash your mask weekly with light soap and water. Disassemble the mask to clean and dry it thoroughly.
  • Wash your tubing weekly with light soap and water. Rinse the tubing thoroughly and hang to dry.
  • Wash your humidifier chamber weekly with soap and water. Empty leftover water daily. Check your user manual to see if your chamber can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Rinse your permanent filter weekly with water. Permanent filters are gray or black. Disposable filters, which are usually white, are replaced every 4-12 weeks. Refer to your user manual for details.

TIP: For more effective cleaning, create a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Let the mask, cushion, tubing, and chamber soak in the mixture for 30 minutes; rinse and dry well.

For more details about how to maintain your equipment, take a look at Quality DME, Inc’s Maintenance of CPAP Equipment document explaining what to do with each piece of equipment.

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