There are many benefits to Sleep Apnea Therapy

If you keep up with your nightly Therapy, you will ultimately improve your quality of life. In order to get the rewarding benefits of Sleep Apnea Therapy, you need to take care of your equipment, meaning you must replace your PAP supplies as needed.

According to, PAP users who regularly replace their supplies have reported that they sleep more hours at night and are able to use their therapy more nights each week.

The CPAP Machine is made up of:

  • CPAP Device
  • CPAP Humidifier and Water Chamber
  • Mask Interface Including Headgear And Frame
  • Air Filter
    • 1 Non-Disposable Filter (Philips Respironics)
    • 6 Disposable Filters
  • CPAP Mask
    • 3 Full Face Cushions or 5 Nasal Cushions or Pillows
  • CPAP Tubing

The supplies that will need to regularly be replaced are the mask interface including the headgear and frame, the filters, the mask cushions/pillows, and the tubing.

All of these parts require proper maintenance. Since the machine comes in contact with your face every night, bacteria can start to build up.

Think of your toothbrush … you wouldn’t continue using the same toothbrush without ever replacing it, right? It is the same idea with your PAP Machine.

Here at Quality DME, Inc., we will remind you about when your supplies need to be replaced. We have two automated systems to simplify the process:

  • E-mail Reminders
  • Auto Supply

Take a look at our Supplies Eligible for Replacement document for more details about replacing your PAP Machine supplies.

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