Be Grateful for Sleep

Have an attitude of gratitude  Many people have difficulty getting a full and quality night's sleep regularly, leading to a slew of health issues. If you can snooze for 7-9 hours per night on your own, you are luckier than you realize. There are so many amazing health benefits that come … Read more about Be Grateful for Sleep

Healthy Naps

Naps Are Always a Fantastic Idea  A nap for healthy adults is generally between 20 to 30 minutes, which gives one just enough sleep to feel refreshed. Finding time for a quick siesta offers many health benefits. When napping, make sure to consider the duration of the nap. If you sleep for … Read more about Healthy Naps

Ice Cream Before Bedtime

Who doesn't love some yummy ice cream after a long day? While everyone can agree that ice cream is delicious, you may want to pay attention to how close you're eating it before going to bed. Eating ice cream late at night can impair sleep because of its high sugar content, or it may lead to … Read more about Ice Cream Before Bedtime

Resupply Program FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our new Resupply Program:   Question: When will I receive Resupply Program notifications?  Answer: Resupply Program notifications are sent based on insurance eligibility. Typically, it will be 3-months from your last … Read more about Resupply Program FAQ