Here at Quality DME, Inc., all provided equipment is billed to your insurance company. In addition, all equipment is subject to all applicable deductibles and co-insurances.


Most masks have a 90-day manufacturer warranty for defects. Refer to your mask user manual/instructions for details on the manufacturer warranty.

Mask Guarantee:

Many manufacturers guarantee their masks for 30 days. This is for patient comfort, compliance, and satisfaction.

Please note the following regarding Mask Guarantees:

  • Must be processed within 30 days of receipt of the original mask.
  • The original mask must be returned to Quality DME, Inc.
  • The patient is responsible for the shipping costs that may be incurred.
  • Not available for special order masks.
  • Not all manufacturers offer mask guarantees.


Generally speaking, machines have a two-year warranty. If there is equipment malfunction after the two-year warranty, it can be repaired by the manufacturer. Furthermore, insurance companies will replace the machine after 3-5 years depending on your individual policy.

Lastly, for adjustments in levels of pressure, we must receive an order from your physician. In short, we cannot make pressure adjustments without a prescription.

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