Today is National Cocoa Day!

There are many benefits to consuming Cocoa. Cocoa is a powder made from the seeds of the Cacao plant. Did you know that Cocoa can make you happy? There was a study done by the Journal of Psychopharmacology showing that dark chocolate containing a high content of cocoa can benefit your mood.

University Health News stated in one of their articles that the darker the chocolate, the higher the percentage of Cocoa it contains and the more polyphenols you’ll consume per serving. Polyphenols are micronutrients that we get through certain plant-based foods. They are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits.

The Benefits

The Bio Medical Central Nutrition conducted a study where they found that brewed cocoa could influence mood motivation or cognitive performance. Hot cocoa in moderation can reduce the anxiety-provoking effects one can get from drinking caffeine alone.

Dr. Ellen Vora recommends you drink special anxiety-soothing cocoa just before bed. When mixing the cocoa with other ingredients such as Cinnamon, Almond Milk, etc., the drink can serve to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the night, which prevents anxiety-induced insomnia. Raw cacao is also rich in magnesium, which helps you sleep at night. Check out this amazing drink mix: Click Here!

According to Healthline, there are many benefits to cocoa. In powder or dark chocolate form, cocoa can help to lower high blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. The polyphenols in cocoa can reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases by improving brain function. Cocoa’s effect on the brain could also improve symptoms of depression. These are only a few of the impacts cocoa can have on the body!

Just remember, you’ll probably want to consume cocoa in moderation to receive the full benefits. Consuming too much cocoa could lead to stomach aches and grumpiness. This winter curl up on the couch with your anxiety-soothing hot cocoa or some yummy dark chocolate and let the cocoa work its magic!

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