Just like with anything else, there are problems that can arise with your PAP therapy. These quick solutions will help you get back on track.

Common Problems:

Dry Mouth: Caused by air escaping through the mouth when it falls open during the night.

Solution: Try a full face mask or a chinstrap with a nasal or nasal pillows mask.

Dry/Sore Nasal Passages: Caused by the PAP flow irritating the sinuses.

Solution: Increase your humidity setting. Nasal pillow masks are more susceptible to this problem.

Mask Irritation: Any kind of discomfort and/or irritation on the face due to the mask.

Solution: Adjust the headgear as instructed by your technician. Also, reference your user manual for proper mask fitting tips. Mask issues are the most common problem early in the PAP therapy process. You must work through these problems early and you will adjust to the new mask over the first few weeks.

Mask Leakage: Air pressure is lost between the mask cushion and the skin.

Solution: Tightening the mask is helpful, but positioning the mask centered on the face is just as important. Refer to your mask user guide for additional information. If you find yourself tightening the mask to the point of discomfort, it may be a sign of an ill-fitting mask. The right mask should be able to seal well and be comfortable to wear. Ask your CPAP provider to fit you for an alternate mask if this happens.

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