Stay on top of your treatment while you’re on the go

Here at Quality DME, Inc., we want you to feel as comfortable with your treatment while you travel, as you do at home. We offer a variety of Travel CPAP Machines that you can choose from.

Travel CPAP Machines
  • AirMini AutoSet Travel PAP – ResMed’s amazing portable Auto PAP Therapy System that can be used with the AirFit P10, N20, or F20 mask systems!
  • HDM Z2 Travel PAP – *NEW* HDM ultra-small, lightweight fixed pressure CPAP that’s perfect for travel!

Flying Rules

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) allows you to take your CPAP through security checkpoints. Make sure to pack your CPAP Prescription received from your sleep doctor in your CPAP case. Make sure there is no water in your humidifier.

When going through security, it would be best to take your CPAP out of its bag and place it in its own bin. In order to keep the machine clean, make sure to keep the machine in a clear plastic bag – you don’t want to risk getting germs all over it.

Some X-Ray machines may not be able to fully depict what your machine is. There is a chance your machine will be pulled aside to be examined by a TSA agent. If it is pulled aside, ask the TSA agent to use a clean pair of gloves, so your machine can stay clean.

Know The Law

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a CPAP Machine is not considered to be carry-on luggage and should not be counted as a carry-on regardless of the airline you take. The Act states:

Carriers, except for on-demand air taxi operators, who conduct passenger services must allow, on all aircraft with a capacity of more than 19 seats, any passenger with a disability to use a ventilator, respirator, CPAP or an FAA-approved portal oxygen concentrator (POC), unless either the device does not meet FAA requirments for medical portable electronic devices and does not display a manufacturer’s label that indicates the device meets those FAA requirements or the device cannot be stowed and used in the passenger cabin consistent with TSA, FAA, and PHMSA (Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) regulations.

The ADA National Network Disability Law Handbook

*Make sure to check your airline’s guidelines so you know exactly what to expect from them.*

Nobody should have to stress while traveling. Know your rights so you can have the best travel experience possible!

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