The perfect holiday scent is just what you need to get into the festive mood

They say a scent can make memories come alive. The Harvard Gazette explains that the olfactory bulb, a structure in the front of the brain that sends information to the other areas of the body’s central command for further processing, handles smells. Odors take a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions related to emotion and memory.

There are endless varieties of holiday scents, but did you know that some of them can help you relax? Getting yourself into a relaxed mode during the crazy holiday season is not only good for your overall health but can also help you get some good sleep as well. Each holiday scent smells uniquely different, but some have very similar calming effects on the body.     

Vanilla Bean Noel

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A popular vanilla variety holiday scent is Vanilla Bean Noel. Vanilla is known to have a sweet and luxurious smell, and it’s an ingredient in some of the most delicious desserts. Smelling a vanilla scent helps put your body instantly at ease, enabling you to get a great night of sleep. Cosmopolitan writes that baby bottle nipples, often infused with a vanilla scent, can create a sense-memory for that soothing feeling well into adulthood.  

Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine candle

Jasmine is a popular scent all year round and is one of the best scents to reduce stress and anxiety. Solara Mental Health writes that jasmine’s scent directly impacts a brain and central nervous system chemical known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which results in calming nerves, soothing anxiety, and depression, and promoting rest. Jasmine can also be more effective than sleeping pills in promoting great sleep.    

Twisted Peppermint

Twisted peppermint candle

The minty smell of twisted peppermint can increase memory and alertness and provide great relaxation for people suffering from being stressed or overworked. Love to Know explains how peppermint has been used in history to treat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It helps to both clear your thinking and calm your mind.

Sparkling Cinnamon

Sparking Cinnamon candle

Sparkling cinnamon is a holiday classic. Cinnamon is known as more of a spicy scent and has many health benefits that go along with it. Homesick explains that cinnamon’s effect is warming and invigorating yet calming to the body. Pairing it with vanilla can help your home smell like sweet cookies – giving you that happy holiday spirit. This sweet-smelling spice is known as one of the coziest scents and can help you feel refreshed and energized.  


Frankincense candle

The musky, sweet aroma of frankincense helps to manage stress. A Healthline article highlights a 2020 review noting two studies of frankincense aromatherapy showed significantly reduced anxiety in women during labor. 

Frankincense is a popular scent around the holidays. Whether you’re smelling a candle with the scent or using the essential oil version, you’ll experience the numerous benefits of the fragrance, such as relieving stress, promoting relaxation, and better sleep. Please note that if you’re using the essential oil, read the directions carefully because too much isn’t good for you.

It’s beginning to smell a lot like the Holidays!

Swap out those fall candles for the wintery holiday ones. Make sure to have at least one holiday scent that can help you relax. If you can stay more relaxed through the holiday season, you’ll sleep better at night, which will keep your immune system feeling strong and healthy. Make sure if you decide to burn multiple scents simultaneously that they harmonize like cinnamon and vanilla. If you have too much of a mish-mosh of fragrances, it can cause an unpleasant headache.  

Enjoy the Holiday Season, and make sure to take time to relax!  

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