Don’t Be a Mean One Like the Grinch During the Holidays

The holiday season is a hectic time for everyone. Whether you’re decorating for the holidays, buying presents for your family and friends, or trying to plan and cook that perfect holiday meal, enough is going on to make anyone turn into a Grinch. One of the main ways to help avoid becoming a Grinch during the holidays is to prioritize your sleep. Following these sleep tips and suggestions could help you beat the holiday craziness with lots of joy and cheer.     

In a World Full of Grinches, Be a Cindy-Lou Who

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Pace yourself with all the holiday activities. Between all the holiday parties and gift exchanges in person or over Zoom, it’s easy to fill your schedule up and then feel like you’re drowning in obligations to make everyone happy. Map everything out over the next couple of weeks so you can make sure your schedule is manageable. Don’t be afraid to say “no” occasionally if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. Making sure to not stretch yourself too thin during the holiday season will also help you sleep better. The less your mind has to worry about, the more it can focus on sleep. Staying organized will help you be able to spend your holiday feeling merry and bright. 

Simplify your gift-giving. Deciding what presents to give to family and friends and budgeting for all the gifts can easily cause you to turn into a Grinch. Worrying about money will also negatively affect your sleep. Try to spend less, buy fewer presents, and keep a budget this year. Give group gifts or more activity-based gifts to help achieve this. Your mental health, sleep, and wallet will thank you!  

Avoid eating heavy meals late in the evening. There are many delicious holiday foods and snacks during this time of the year, but make sure you’re not eating these delights within two hours of going to sleep. Going to sleep with a full stomach could cause disturbed and fragmented sleep, which means you’ll be waking up a mean, old Grinch. recommends that if you want to eat a light snack before bed, have a warm glass of milk containing yawn-inducing tryptophan, a handful of granola, or a piece of fruit.  

Take time to relax. Stress caused by the bustling holiday season could cause you to feel like a Grinch and cause many sleep issues. Take a few minutes to yourself before bed every night to take some deep breaths and unwind before going to sleep. Light a holiday scented candle or read a book to help your mind prepare for sleep. Taking these few minutes to yourself will also help you step back from everything going on with the holiday stress and help you reflect on all there is to be grateful. Going to bed with a clear mind and a happy heart will help you get the best sleep possible. 

Happy Holidays!

Following these simple holiday sleep tips and suggestions will help you get through the holidays without turning into a Grinch. If you follow these sleep tips but feel that you’re still not getting a night of good sleep or that something feels off, talk to your healthcare provider to be safe and make sure there isn’t something more serious going on.   

Quality DME hopes you have an exquisite holiday season filled with lots of love and sleep! 

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